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The Show Portal is a fully customizable, multi-specie, online entry form collection and management software

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Replace your paper entry form with a digital version in minutes. Create your event, set your shows, fees, extras and done.


Depend on consistent performance and uptime from registration to show day.


Trust TLS Encryption and secure payments processing via Stripe knowing your data is protected throughout the entry process.


Collect entry fees that deposit directly to your show's bank account. Entrants pay via credit/debit card and payouts go straight to the bank.


Utilize the most complete and cost-effective show hosting and management software to date.

Limitless Customization

Create multi-specie entry forms, take orders for apparel, collect pen fees, sell banquet tickets, reserve trailer spaces, collect any data you need.


One plan for every need.

Simple, straightforward pricing


Our Premium package is designed for comprehensive show management, ideal for show organizers big and small


  • Unlimited Species
  • Unlimited Divisions
  • Unlimited Entries
  • Unlimited Extras (Apparel, Fees, etc)
  • Unlimited Show Admins
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Secure Payments
  • Premium Support

Host your show in minutes.

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Frequently asked questions

Common queries about The Show Portal

Creating an account with us is quick and easy. By signing up, you gain the ability to enter shows not only for yourself but also on behalf of any number of other exhibitors. This flexibility makes it simpler to manage multiple exhibitors and all of their entries and keeps everything organized under one account.
Yes the price is per calender event. But the fee covers any number of species and divisions so if your fall show has a swine show and cattle show, both would be included in the price.
Absolutely! Our platform is designed to be fully accessible from any device with an internet connection, no software to install. You can enter and manage your entries anywhere, anytime.
We accept all major credit and debit cards. Our payments process through Stripe, the industry-leading payment processor, allowing for secure and convenient transactions directly to the show's bank account.
Yes, we offer comprehensive support. You can contact our team directly for any assistance you might need. We can be reached at